Why Money and Purpose?

"Money issues may be practical as well as emotional and spiritual. I work with you to discover where you need help and then to devise a solution that will work for you. Sometimes this means creating practical structural solutions that you can actually implement in your life. Sometimes your belief systems may need to be examined and changed."  Sandra H. Kennedy, MA, CPA, Certified Coach


Money is a multidimensional arena of our human existence; how do we successfully deal with it in our lives?

The major dimensions that affect us are practical management, beliefs, and spirituality.

Some common beliefs people have are that they are not skilled at dealing with money through some inherent flaw in themselves. This is simply not true. It is a belief, not a truth. Usually negative beliefs trigger negative emotions. This often plays out in couples issues around money.

Most often, few of us are taught practical money management skills. I think the most practical approaches involve common sense. If something is doable, then it is a good solution for you. If it is a good system, but you cannot carry it out, then another solution is better, and can be found.

Often, simply finding the solution that works for you is all that is needed. What seems difficult to you can brought down to its right size and a good path forward can be found.

You don't have to be a financial wizard or a national "expert" on money to learn how to deal with it effectively in your life.

I have counseled scores of people who haven't been able to save or invest, and we've found solutions that work for them. Usually the cause of their inability is a combination of beliefs that don't serve them and lack of practical solutions.

I have counseled people who feel paralyzed around money whether they are wealthy or otherwise.

What do I mean by spirituality? It is dictated by an energy that exists beyond our three dimensional world and influences reality as well. This is harder to pin down and can be dealt with effectively when beliefs and practicality are also present. For example, it can be as simple as laboring in something that your heart and spirit aren't into. That can cause disruption of spiritual and practical abundance.

In helping people, the first thing I must do is clarify their challenges, in beliefs and in practical terms. Often this is simpler than it feels to you.

You can read more at Money Issues and Money Counseling.

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To your well being.




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